Resident Interviews

Hello and Welcome

The goal of this here is to get to know your neighbor better. We will post videos of both old and new residents and it will be a continual process as new residents become old residents.

The fun here is to build community and make the building seem smaller in scale but larger in relevance. We hope you take time to get to know your neighbor through these videos so you meet as friends.

Condominiums have been described as a vertical community, but it is a community nonetheless.  There are so many interesting and accomplished residents and we’d love for you to meet them all.  But for now, why not start by watching some of their video interviews.

If you would like to find out more about any of these residents or make one of these videos, email and we will be in touch.

Hospitality Committee

Alison Dozono and Demetrius Gonzalez

Larry Rosenblum

TC Bruggere

Bob Steele

Sheldon Renan

Roberta Margolis
Blue Sky Gallery

Meet your new neighbor Bonnie Koehler
Video coming soon!