Bicycle riders must adhere to several rules & regulations, as follows:

  • Bikes shall not be stored in or around parking stalls, either on a temporary or a permanent basis.
  • Bikes may not be stored on decks, balconies, or patios.
  • Bikes may not be stored at sidewalk stanchions, except temporarily.
  • Owners may not store inoperable bikes, or bikes with missing parts, in any public area.

There are 2 bike storage rooms in the garage.  To join the waiting list for a space, apply through CMI at (503) 233-0300. The following is from Section 10 of the House Rules:

10. Bicycle Storage

  • 10.1 Use of the Bicycle Storage Room, located in the basement garage, and bicycle racks located around the building, is at one’s own risk.
  • 10.2 The Bicycle Storage Room is for use by residential owners and tenants only to store their own bicycles. No other items may be stored in the Bicycle Storage Room.
  • 10.3 Each bicycle may occupy only one peg and may not block the use of other pegs.
  • 10.4 Bicycles may not be stored in parking spaces.”