Property Management

Community Management, Inc. (CMI) has been the property manager for The Elizabeth Lofts (with oversight from the Board of Directions) since February 1, 2005. CMI has been in business for 45-plus years and currently manages more than 150 properties in Oregon and southwest Washington. The employees who provide regular service to The Elizabeth Lofts are:

Tom LaVoie

Tom La Voie, CMCA, CAMP, PCAM –  Community Manager
(503) 233-0300

Lynn Lindell

Lynn Lindell – Community Administrator
(503) 233-0300

Brian Case – Building Maintenance Coordinator
(503) 233-0300

Ryan Palmerton
Ryan Palmerton – Building Maintenance Supervisor

(503) 233-0300

The CMI Welcome Letter explains the role of CMI at The Elizabeth Lofts.