The following is from Section 14 of the House Rules:

“14. Parking Garage

  • 14.1 The maximum speed limit in the garage is 5 MPH at all times.
  • 14.2 There is not a designated directional flow of traffic in the parking garages; therefore, please remember to drive cautiously and defensively at all times.
  • 14.3 Only motor vehicles may occupy parking spaces. Bikes, household goods, auto accessories and other items shall not be stored in or around parking stalls on either a temporary or a permanent basis.
  • 14.4 No flammable liquids and/or flammable products of any kind may be stored in the parking garages.
  • 14.5 No vehicle shall extend beyond its parking space to obstruct, or partially obstruct, access to another parking space or passage through the garage. If the use of a parking space causes an obstruction or a risk to other drivers, the Board may request that vehicles be moved.
  • 14.6 Vehicles parked in unauthorized spaces will be towed at the expense of the vehicle owner. The Association shall not be responsible for any damages that may occur as a result of, or during towing.
  • 14.7 Rental of assigned parking spaces is allowed, but only to another resident of The Elizabeth Lofts.
  • 14.8 Anyone allowing use of, or renting their assigned space to another resident must inform the Community Manager of the name of the resident, the license plate number and make of the car that will be using the space.
  • 14.9 Short-term guests may be permitted to use an owner’s parking space(s) while visiting the owner. The license plate number of any car parked in the building on a regular basis shall be noted on the Owner and Tenant Information Form.
  • 14.10 It is the responsibility of the owner to maintain their parking space in a clean condition, free from the buildup of leaking oil, brake fluid, etc.
  • 14.11 At no time may a vehicle be left unattended in front of the elevator doors and/or block the means of access of other drivers through the garage.
  • 14.12 At no time shall an unattended vehicle block access to the elevators.
  • 14.13 Repair and/or maintenance on a vehicle are prohibited in the garage.
  • 14.14 The washing of vehicles, bicycles, etc. is prohibited in the garage.
  • 14.15 Refer to Section A: Security of these rules for further information regarding entering and exiting the parking garages.”