We meet in the community room Mondays, Wednesdays and now Fridays at 10 AM.
Heather Ellis, E-RYT500, leads a 60 minute class.
Bring your mat and your optimism. Yoga for both beginners and experienced.
Yoga Text

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For those times when you can’t attend Heather’s classes at the Elizabeth,
or Heather is away, the Science of Self is a site that Heather notes in her videos.
You can also find and work out to a number of their YouTube videos.

Scroll down to find some of Heather’s videos below.

Below is a video of a special class that introduces acupressure.
Heather places acupressure into a broader context of yoga
and demonstrates a number of acupressure points.

Heather just added a new yoga workout you can do,
when you can’t join in person or want a different routine.
It’s very close to the routine we do in class.

We’ve been doing yoga for a year!
I guess that means progress.
So, Heather made this 76 minute more advanced
class that adds some new poses.

Learn how to do Sun Salutations step by step in this 9 minute video, beginner level.

Practice 8 consecutive Sun Salutations to warm up the body
and get the energy flowing in this 9 minute video.

For people who would like to practice seated in a chair:

Chair Yoga for beginners #1 – Arm Stretches – 12 minutes

Chair Yoga for beginners #2 – Hip Stretches – 10 minutes

Extreme Yin Heart class – A 45 minute video with some acupressure at the beginning,
and then 2 long holds – 5 minute sphinx and 5 minute camel.
If a student is unable or uninterested in holding these poses for 5 minutes,
I recommend coming into the pose, following the class, and then
release it when you need to, sit with eyes closed and concentrate in the Heart.

Meridian Yoga Technique
In this 63 minute video, you’ll learn and practice all of the meridian activations
and stretches along with gentle Yoga postures for each meridian.

Yoga with Acu-Balls
In this 48 minute video, you’ll work with acu-balls for intense access to stress and pressure points.