Common Areas

Maintenance, repairs, and replacements to the common elements will generally be made by the Association and charged to all Owners as a common expense.  However, if such maintenance, repairs, and replacements are necessitated by the acts or omissions of an Owner or their tenant, the Owner responsible will be charged.

In order to maintain a uniform appearance in common areas, to avoid obstructions to hallway cleaning, and to avoid damage to unit doors (which are common elements of the buildings), no permanent or seasonal decorations or ornaments of any kind are permitted on the exterior of the units, either attached to the door, floor, balcony, deck, or patio.

Door mats are not permitted, except for temporary situations to protect the hall carpet from construction dust.

No furniture, packages, or objects of any kind shall be stored in the lobbies, vestibules, hallways, stairwells, garage, or any other part of the common elements other than those designated as storage areas.  (Packages placed in the lobby for mailing purposes are excluded.)

The lobbies, hallways, and stairwells shall be used only for normal passage.

The Association assumes no liability for any loss or damage to articles stored in any common element or other storage area.

More information can be found in the House Rules