Click HERE for a PDF file summary of new rule changes regarding pets


To: Elizabeth Lofts Owners and Residents
From: Tom La Voie, CMCA, CCM, PCAM Community Manager
Date: May 12, 2020
Re: House Rules Changes Our Ref: CMI24/ELIZ176
Dear Owners and Residents of the Elizabeth Lofts Condominiums:
The current House Rules include two rules concerning pets, pet waste and the proper disposal thereof. The current Rules read as follows:
Rule 18.1.a: All cat and dog waste must be double bagged before being placed in the chute or the dumpster in the Trash and Recycling Room.
Rule 20.12: Cat litter must be double-bagged before going into the garbage chute.
Following several recent incidents involving pets, pet waste and the proper disposal thereof, the Board of Directors discussed the issues at the May Board meeting, and they have amended the House Rules as follows, effective immediately:
Rule 18.1.a and Rule 20.12 now both read: Animal waste – including cat litter – may not be placed in the trash chute. All animal waste — including cat litter — must be double-bagged, brought downstairs and disposed of in the dumpster in the Trash and Recycling Room.

In addition, a new Rule has been created and will be added to Rule 16 [Balconies, Patios, Windows, and Plaza] and Rule 20 [Pets]:
Rule 16.16 and Rule 20.13: Pets are not allowed on juliette balconies or in window boxes at any time for any purpose. Pet relief pads of any kind are not allowed on any balcony or in any window box.
An electronic version of the revised House Rules will be posted on the website, and a hard copy of the House Rules can be requested at the Concierge Desk.