The Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Elizabeth Lofts Condominium Owners’ Association is
scheduled for December 3, 2019. The meeting will be held in the Conference Center of the EcoTrust
Building, located at 721 NW 9th Avenue. Sign-in will begin at 5:00 PM, with the Call to Order at 6:00 PM,
allowing time to meet and greet fellow owners. The Agenda for the meeting is enclosed for your review.
PLEASE RETURN YOUR PROXY TODAY: In order for the Annual Meeting to take place, it is necessary to
establish a quorum. The “Bylaws of Elizabeth Lofts Condominium Owners’ Association” require that a
minimum of 34% of the ownership be represented in order to convene the meeting. Please fill out and
return the enclosed proxy form as soon as possible. This can be mailed to CMI in the enclosed return
envelope, or returned to the Concierge Desk. It is important that you return your proxy even if you are
certain that you will attend the meeting. When you check in, your proxy will be returned to you.
ELECTION OF THREE (3) DIRECTORS: At the meeting, owners will vote to elect three (3) Residential
Directors to serve two-year terms. The terms of Residential Directors Jim Kennedy, Paul Mollomo, and
Paul Roelofs expire at the meeting. All three Directors are eligible for re-election; Director Paul Roelofs
has decided not to run again. Only Residential owners may vote for Residential Directors. You may use
the enclosed nomination form to nominate yourself or another owner. Nominations will also be solicited
from the floor at the meeting.
4, 2018 Annual Meeting are enclosed for your review. These minutes will be presented to the ownership
for approval at the December 3, 2019 meeting. The IRS Revenue Ruling 70-604 is also enclosed for your
review, and will be presented for a vote by the membership at the meeting. We are also enclosing a letter
from our insurance agent which outlines each owner’s and each tenant’s insurance responsibilities. We
suggest you forward this to your personal insurance agent for an annual review of your coverage.
OWNER/RESIDENT INFORMATION SURVEY: Every year at thistime we ask that each unit owner complete
and return the enclosed Owner/Resident Information request form. Please complete this form and
submit it to the Concierge Desk, or return it with your proxy, so we have the most accurate information
for your unit. Please note that the information provided on this form will only be used for official HOA or
Concierge business, or in the event of an emergency. It will not be available for any other use.
Thank you for taking the time to review the attached information. Please remember to return your proxy
as soon as possible. We look forward to seeing you December 3rd at the Annual Meeting!